Volunteer Agreement


I understand that I am a representative of SOL Church and want to take part in the missionary trip to Ukraine; therefore, I promise to fulfill the following rules:


1. I pledge to go through missionary preparation, coming to every training and meeting.


2. I pledge to follow all the missionary trip rules and encourage others to do so as well.


3. I pledge to listen and carry out all instructions, being flexible to changes.


4. I pledge to be disciplined and punctual.


5. I pledge to serve on the mission where needed, carrying out the work diligently and with pleasure, working as for the Lord, without complaint.


6. I pledge to help out other members on the team. 


7. I am able to learn in the work process and have a desire to develop my God-given gifts and abilities.


8. I pledge to appropriately react to corrections and encouragements, made in love towards me. 


9. I pledge to not leave our event sites without informing the team leaders.


10. In the instance of a grievance, I pledge to immediately resolve this problem with the offender, not hiding bitterness in my spirit and not spreading gossip. If I am unable to resolve this on my own, I will seek help and advice from my leader. 


11. In addition to these recommendations, I agree to work in harmony with the members of the group, take part in meal times and other group activities, respect others’ opinions, and care for one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.