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MEET Sergiy

Evangelism Leader

Sergiy was born into a Christian family in 1980. His worldview was formed under the influence of his grandparents and parents, who in difficult times and to this day continue to be the Lord’s faithful servants. Even from his childhood, Sergiy realized that ministry is both a privilege and a great responsibility. 

After his baptism, Sergiy began to actively work in youth ministry, attended Kiev Theological Seminary, and continued to develop in other areas of ministry. 

Currently, Sergiy is the leader of the missionary ministry at our church. He is convinced that spreading the Gospel “to the ends of the earth” is the main task of the church and that is is important to not only just dream of, but to take bold steps in order to bring the Gospel to unreached nations. To further this purpose, the church actively engages youth for missionary trips to different countries in need of assistance and supports missionary projects and missionaries in Ukraine, Spain, and Russia.

Sergiy Pastushak
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