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Our church has a variety of ministries and we cannot wait for you to get involved. We encourage you to reach out to our leaders for information on how to join. 

Children's Ministry

Our children's ministry has 3 main branches. During the summer we hold an impactful camp in the mountains where children can play, learn about Jesus, and grow together as a community in Christ. Every Sunday morning worship service, we have a sermon for children in English, as well as a children's prayer in order to incorporate our youngest generation into our church. Following that, we have Sunday school classes for children ages 6 through 15.

Teenage Ministry

For teens ages 14-18, we have a ministry that is dedicated to helping them grow in Christ and in community with one another. Varying from Bible studies, group trips, prayer breakfasts, and other events. 

Youth Ministry

Our youth ministry focuses on serving high school and college age members of our church. Every Monday, we hold small group Bible studies at church and in homes around Sacramento. These meetings help our young adults build a strong foundation in Christ through teaching the Word and prayer. Our youth ministry also has monthly worship nights, inviting young adults from all over Sacramento to worship and pray together in unity. 

Women's Ministry
Small Groups

Our church encourages every member to join a small group. These groups meet in people's homes during the week. They foster a sense of community within the church and help members connect and grow in their faith through study of the Word and through prayer.

Family Ministry 

Our family ministry strives to bring together and engage married couples in our church. We have various events throughout the year that bring together young families, including couples date nights and family camps where members of our church can fellowship and form a strong community in Christ. 

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